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A teacher holds a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. When one finds the true Guru, one conquers half the world. Only a good teacher can ignite hope, imagination and instill love for learning. In Vedas it is said that “Knowledge is immortal”.

Guru-Shishya Parampara has been instilled in our culture since ages. The Concept of Gurukul was to have Overall development of a student.

In the ancient time, every child was sent in Gurukul including the royal families children. BHARAT was considered the centre of the knowledge in the world.  Rishis like ‘Charak’, ‘Jeevak’, ‘Sushrut’ in Ayurveda, ‘Bhrigu’ in Astrology, ‘Aryabhatta’  and ‘Varah Mihir’ in mathematics, Chanakya in Rajniti. And our scriptures like Vedas and Upnishadas, Ramayana, Bhagvad Gita etc. showers the knowledge of all round growth of a Vidhyarthi.

Nalanda and Takshshila were renowned Worldwide and people used to come there to seek knowledge.

It was over the period of centuries the tradition started loosing its ground due to number of invasions on India and fragmentation of power and during the British occupation of India, the Gurkul tradition fell by the wayside. Though the system was modernized, it focused more on ‘information’ gained from texts rather than ‘knowledge’ imparted by the gurus and discourses held with the students.

It is time to shift the emphasis of a child’s education to holistic all-round development of mind and body.

This can be achieved in a hostel – a Gurukul. Far away from the hustle-bustle of a city, removed from the distractions and disturbances, a place where the student can look to grow not only their knowledge but also the spirit. Amenities such as a spacious playground for all sort of outdoor activities and sports, computer labs and other facilities to encourage the pursuit of music, yoga and other cultural interests. A Jain Temple on campus would provide the spiritual centre for the student’s development. All this would help create the atmosphere of a home away from home. A place where roommates become family and lifelong friendships are built on the foundations of self-reliance, compassion and understanding.

Nearly 68 Boarding across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh with total capacity of approx 10,000 Students which were built decades ago played an important role in creating Value based Society. But due to various factors many of them have closed down and many are partially operational.

JEET realised the need and importance of revival of this tradition in 2012. Since then, it has been slowly but steadily trying to encourage the parents to be a part of this Change by holding Seminars across many cities. Parents are explained the benefits and are taken for personal visit of Boardings for first hand insight.

Presently when the education itself is costly, other extra-curricular activites like Music, Sports, Yoga, Gymnasium, Karate etc are beyond one’s reach.

With a JINALAY in its compound and facility to provide Dharmik Shikshan to all the Students, it has all the facilities important for over all development of a child.

Till date, JEET has been instrumental in assisting more than 250 Students to enrol in various Boardings.