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Offering services to Sadharmik are the essence of Jainism

JEET came in existence a decade back but its roots were sown almost 3 decades back when few budding future professionals and businessman had finished their matriculation and had landed in the land of opportunities far from their place of origin.

By the time they had graduated they had realized the importance of Education and what would have been their fate if they did not get the helping hand that they got.

As a duty to pay back to the society and with deep-rooted JAIN SANSKARS they took an oath to carry on the good work and this is how JEET (JAIN EDUCATION AND EMPOWERMENT TRUST) was born.

The main aim of this trust is to facilitate education for all deserving candidates of our families so that they are able to accomplish desired goals in their individual lives and are self-employed.

We aim to offer suitable support to needy families so that their children get Education, the family becomes self-sufficient and their financial and religious status gets upward direction.