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  • JEET strongly believes that a Sadharmik is hesitant to extend his hand for help due to his self esteem and will do so only to help others.
  • For this reason, JEET approaches local Trustees or Karyakarta doing such type of noble work of Sadharmik Bhakti as they are aware about such Sadharmik families.
  • JEET approaches Maharaj Sahebs at Upashraya and briefs them about activities of JEET and requests to suggest any such Sadharmik.
  • JEET also puts up Banners at each Derasar, Sthanaks, Upashraya etc. to create awareness.
  • Once they are identified, Local Karyakarta provides information about JEET and other Trusts who also provide education scholarship/loan. He guides them to apply to JEET if any Educational aid is required.
  • He also explains various schemes of State as well Central Government to support students for Education.
  • On receipt of application, after verifying basic details as per the guidelines and the documents duly submitted alongwith application, Karyakarta visits and understands the actual requirement of Fees.
  • On receipt of visit report of Karyakarta, application is evaluated and principal approval is given by JEET office.
  • On principal approval, Sadharmik is allotted a Family Application No. ( FAN ) which is his/her unique identity with JEET for ever.
  • Identity of Sadharmik is kept strictly confidential.

On receipt of actual requirement of FEES alongwith required documents, amount is disbursed considering overall yearly plan and availability of funds.

  1. JEET provides direct cheque to School and doesn’t provide any reimbursement if fees already paid (except in exceptional case ).
  2. JEET provides Scholarship upto 12th standard and beyond that any financial support is provided in the form of Interest free Loan repayable after 3 years of education.
  3. JEET also inspires Sadharmik to follow basic tenets of Jainism.

JEET now intends to carry our complete survey of villages to identify needy family who may require any other sort of help.