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1. Education Scholarship Support Programme

2. Boarding Projects

3. Shree Adinath Vidhyapith Projects

4. Empowerment Support Projects

5. Financial Support Projects

6. Knowledge based Webinar

7. Gems of Jeet Project

EDUCATION SUPPORT PROJECT (Keystone – Mr. Navneet Shah – Nabros Pharma Pvt. Ltd.)

Activities under the said projects :

Providing school fees to children upto Class XII

Providing interest-free loan after Class XII for college fees for higher education and professional courses (with a moratorium period of 3 years post completion of education)

Helping more needy students with contacts, details and guidance to connect with organizations that can provide education support, like, JITO, JJC, SMJV, etc.

Furnishing information and assistance regarding the educational support through the Minority quota under Central and State Government

Personally meeting the executive team of schools, colleges and classes with Jain Management to arrange for discount in fees for JEET’s students


Organizing seminars and workshops sharing the importance of Gurukul/ Boarding School education system and the different advantages associated with it

Granting financial aid to students who have secured admissions into Gurukuls/Boarding Schools

Providing direction and guidance to Management teams of Gurukuls/ Boarding Schools, regarding contemporary systems, practices and facilities


Mumbai.. a city that never sleeps.. is also a city where it is most difficult to find a place to sleep..

This is especially true for students who come to Mumbai in search of good education. While these students are able to secure admissions in colleges of their choice it is challenging to find a good place to lodge and board where they can rest assured that their religious values and practices would not be disrupted. For students facing such adversities, JEET family, under the aegis of P. P. A. B. Shrimad Vijay Rajhanssurishwarji M. S., on the festive day of Mother’s Day on 13th May 2012, established Sri Adinath Vidyapeeth at Belapur.


  • Surrounded by over 35 colleges of various streams
  • Superior stay arrangements with modern appliances
  • Pure, healthy and nutritious Jain food
  • Alluring Jain derasar, library, indoor games, religious studies on premises
  • Several co-curricular seminars and workshops organized


(Principal Keystone – Respected Shantaben Fakirchand Zaveri Family, Mumbai)

Youth employment crisis is one of the most pressing national risks of our time,and investing in youth is one of the greatest potentials for growth and development of the society. There are numerous youth in our society that have tremendous potential, talent and skills but regrettably weren’t fortunate enough to receive the appropriate encouragement. These youth are anxiously waiting for an opportunity to prove their competence and employ their ingenuity and proficiencies in a business venture that will also enable them to support their families. It is thus critical to engage these youth in programs maximize their potential, meet their evolving needs, and deliver lasting impacts.

Thus, this project was initiated with the virtuous objective of building capabilities, providing livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities, and promoting social engagement and community-based leadership.

Activity under the said Projects:

  • Offering counselling and guidance, and encouraging promising youth to set up a personal venture/ enterprise
  • Furnishing required financial assistance to the business through interest-free loans


Support elderly widows and needy Sadhamik financially.

Support Needy Sadharmik who do not possess a house and also struggle to pay rent, by financing their rent

Fund rent for Jain families who stay in locations away from religious influences to help them stay in houses where it easier to fulfil the duties of their religion

Safeguard the existence of derasars and upashrays in smaller villages by providing financial aids to Jain families in those villages to restore their dilapidated house


Talent cannot be taught but it can be nurtured and hence it is very important to always air any spark of “talent” to help turn it into a fire of “greatness”. This ideology inspired us to commence this project to identify exceptional talent within our community in the fields of Sports, Music, Art, Dance, Literature, etc. and help showcase these talents to National and International levels, which will not only bring fame to their family but also our community.

 Activity under this projects:

Identifying promising talent from within our community

Promoting the identified talent through support of skillful coaching/ training and sponsorship to participate in various tournament