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Founded in the year 2007, Jain Education and Empowerment Trust (JEET) is a Voluntary and Non-Profit Organization headquartered in Mumbai, India. JEET has been registered under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act, 1950 to support SADHARMIK FAMILY for education and empower them to make them self dependent by providing opportunity for employment or business. Neil Armstrong while setting foot on the moon for the first time had said, “That’s a small step for man- one giant leap for mankind". The journey of man landing on moon was a culmination of many years of labour and hard work so is the journey of JEET. There are many milestones that JEET has crossed in its developmental journey and there are yet many more to come. The connecting thread between the past, present and the future is the passion to serve and the determination to bring about a difference in the lives of fellow jains.  

Shree Adinath Vidyapeeth

Evolution of  Shree Adinath Vidyapeeth

Our study showed that many students who had their primary education in villages and small towns wanted to pursue higher education in big cities like Mumbai. Having no elaborate contacts quite a few have to literally struggle for finding right accommodation & environment for studying in such cities. It was also found that there are hardly any boarding facilities exclusively for Jain students at upcoming educational hubs like Navi Mumbai , Surat , Amdavad  , Indore or even NCR Delhi to name a few [more]

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