Overview of JEET

Founded in the year 2007, Jain Education and Empowerment Trust (JEET) is a Voluntary and Non-Profit Organization headquartered in Mumbai, India. JEET has been registered under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act, 1950 to support SADHARMIK FAMILY for education and empower them to make them self dependent by providing opportunity for employment or business. Neil Armstrong while setting foot on the moon for the first time had said, “That’s a small step for man- one giant leap for mankind “. The journey of man landing on moon was a culmination of many years of labour and hard work so is the journey of JEET. There are many milestones that JEET has crossed in its developmental journey and there are yet many more to come. The connecting thread between the past, present and the future is the passion to serve and the determination to bring about a difference in the lives of fellow jains.


To provide scholarship, donation and educational loan to Sadharmik Family so as to enable them to begin, pursue, complete their study /training/research To be a platform to provide opportunities to deserving Sadharmik Family so as to enable them to be self dependent To establish, acquire, maintain and support educational institutions and cultural institutions, trust, college, school, bal mandirs, vidhyalaya, university and pathshala having the same object to support Sadharmic Family for Education or to empower them by providing equal opportunity for Employment or Business.

Why we do

In the last decade, we observed socio-economic transformation. Sadharmik Jains are forced to spend money on the things they don’t really need. The luxury of the yesterday has become necessity of today. Gone are the days where big screen televisions were a novelty reserved for the very rich. The same applies to airline travel, clothing and eating out. Middle and Lower Middle class jain families that once relied on hard work to meet the financial needs of the family has been transformed by economic risk and new challenges. Many issues such as joblessness, ever increasing inflation, recession, mishaps such as accident or a bad diagnosis, sudden death of the sole bread earner can reduce a family from solidly middle class to newly poor in a few days.  When every rupee earned is budgeted, the fortune of the family is indeed jeopardised when the primarly earner loses a job or gets sick. In the past, if any clamity came along, the family was able to shell out money out of savings to mitigate its effect. Today the situation is totally different. 80 to 85% of the income is committed towards the recurring expenses be it food, electricity, water, rent, school fees or medical bills. There is no margin of error, there is no scope to cut back if the job is lost or if someone gets ill. There is no room in the budget if someone needs to take off work to care for a sick child or an elderly parent. Their basic situation is far riskier than that of their parents a generation earlier. Many sadharmik Jains find them helpless against rising prices as the monthly earning has more or less remained the same. This has forced ladies members to go to work and try to just break even. Even with two pay cheques, family finances are stretched so tightly that a very small mishap can distrub their budget and leave them in crises.